Community Guidelines

Creating a safe, reliable and effective platform.

The Short

We want Foodish to maintain to be a safe, reliable and efficient platform for the community to find food. Help us by only posting edible food that you would recommend to friends and post critiques only to assist the business to improve themselves. Always follow the law and respect everyone on Foodish. Do not spam the same recommendations or critiques and do not post any nudity or non-food related post.

The Long

Foodish is a platform where every city has its own diverse community of cultures, ages, and beliefs. We created the Community Guidelines, so you can help us create & foster a safe, reliable and efficient platform for your community and the visitors that visit your city to find food.

By using Foodish, you agree to these guidelines and our Terms and Conditions. We’re committed to these guidelines and we wish you will too. Any overstepping on these boundaries may result in your content deletion, your accounting disabled or any other restrictions.

  • Post recommendation or critiques with the food photos that you’ve taken or have the right to share

    • As always, you own the contents that you’ve posted on Foodish. Remember to post authentic content and do not post anything you’ve copied or collected from the Internet that you do not have the right to post.


  • Post only food-related recommendations or critiques that are genuine and meaningful.

    • To ensure our platform is reliable and efficient, we do not allow any recommendations or critiques on non-food related posts and spamming or continuously recommending or critique a specific dish at a specific place is also prohibited. Foodish is also not a place that supports any fake, paid or forced recommendations or critiques which will affect a business positively or negatively.


  • Follow the law.

    • Remember, your contents are your responsibility and once posted, it might not be able to withdraw. You will be responsible for all the risks associated with Your Content, including anyone’s reliance on its accuracy, reliability, and quality. Therefore, always follow the law of your region when recommending or critiquing. Foodish also does not allow any exotic food posting or any food that is illegal to Kill-Eat-Sell.


  • Respect every other user of Foodish.

    • Fostering a safe and diverse community is one of our main concerns at Foodish. We believe everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, we will remove contents and comments that we deem contains credible threats or any hate speech and also contents that target private individuals to shame, degrade, blackmail or harass them.

    • Foodish condones any encourage violence or attacks on anyone based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, disability, diseases, and preference.


Help us in keeping the platform safe, reliable and efficient.

Every one of us is an important part of Foodish. If you see something that you believe violates our guidelines, please help us by reporting it through our built-in reporting option. We will review these reports and works as quickly as possible to remove contents that don't meet our guidelines. If there’s something you don’t like in a comment on one of your recommendations or critique, you can delete those comments.